Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day slipper

Slippery pavement, like someone spilled
the contents of the world's largest slushy
down the sidewalk and into my new boots
while the wind and sleet conspire
to ruin my makeup.

I take slow, deliberate steps, flat-footed,
and in my head, Andrew sings
his Beatles parody:
          She was a daaaaay slipper
          one-way ticket down
          it took her sooooo long
          to get up...
          then she fell down.

Big stuff happening on Adelaide West: yesterday I got my 2000th unique hit and today is my 300th post!

Photo by biofriendly

        Do you dress "appropriately" (ie. ugly and warm) for bad weather, or do you try to still look good?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I'm not fashionable in the first place, so ugly and warm all the way. :)

Andrea said...

Lol, you know me ... fashion first! Unless its retardly cold, in which case I say screw it!

.. AND unless I'm walking to work, in which case I don't care to be seen in my scrubs/boots combo ;)

Fay said...

I've had the chance to review "A Poet on Adelaide West" and I'm very happy I did. You are doing a wonderful job and I appreciate the effort you put into this blog.

I'd like to offer my congratulations as your blog has been reviewed and will appear on the Blogging Women directory.

I created Blogging Women to showcase the wonderful world of blogs created by women and I'm pleased to be adding another quality blog to our directory.

Keep up the good work and watch for our monthly contest to have your blog listed in our "Featured Blogs" section.

Mary said...

ooOOOOOooo congrats on all of the awesome things happening with the blog!! (including the above comment!).

So just a comment on your poem.. I was walking to the bus stop today and NO ONE shovelled their stupid sidewalk, so the slush is now ice, which is incredibly uneven with all of the footprints... I was so miserable trying not to slip!

In terms of looking good.. Yes, I try to match all of my winter crap and I try my best not to look like a dorkus malorkus, but really who cares when it's super cold? If looking like a bundled up turd keeps me warm, then a bundled up turd I shall be!