Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Dark Man

I don't have nightmares, because a dream
is a story and I am both author and actor,
an omnipotent mortal. But last night
I was not in my own story, but a character
in another book I've read.

We're on the bad side and we're launching
a rebellion. Andrew and I leave messages
for others to find, we try to disrupt the system
by discouraging the volunteerism that fuels it.
"But why?" asks one zombie worker, a slave
to her fear.

Quietly, I answer: "Because he's killing people,"
and the room goes suddenly, deathly silent.
The eyes of the crowd roll to me in unison
and I can't move, I can't do anything but stare
out the door behind them, where he is waiting
for me. My fear is almost tangible, prickling
up my spine like bony fingers and freezing rain.

I wake sitting up.

This poem/dream was based on Stephen King's The Stand. Awesome book, but it'll give you nightmares.

Randall Flagg, illustrated by Michael Whelan.

        Do you ever get nightmares? What was your most frightening or memorable one?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I generally don't remember my dreams, but occasionally my nightmares involve being back in school at exam time. :) Awesome picture, though.

Mary said...

Ughh I hate nightmares, although I really don't remember my dreams much. I'll remember certain details but not nearly enough to put a clear story in my head, just images.

One I had when I was a kid was I was in the grocery line up with my mom, and in front of us I saw Lilleth from Cheers and she was a vampire in a cape. For some reason I felt the need to kick her, and she turned around and started eating my guts. I woke up kicking and flailing my limbs. Scaaarrryyy.