Friday, December 18, 2009

The changefulness of December

There's something almost too festive about
dabbling out a Vince Guaraldi piece by the light
of tiny, white bulbs strung through pine tree
branches and bouncing off painted glass globes
while the spicy scent of gingerbread wafts in
from the candied boulevard atop the piano.

December used to be magic and maddening, holding
little lungs full of frosty air in transcendent
and excruciating waiting, slow and momentous. Then
we grew up and grew distracted from the distraction.
We watch the show play on from behind the side curtain,
looking out into the audience of awed children's faces
and yearning to recognize ourselves.

Christmas in Hampden by Idle Type

        What do you miss most about being a kid at Christmastime?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Worrying more about what I was getting myself for Christmas, instead of what I have to get other people. And also two weeks off school, although my work is pretty good about that. :)

Dick said...

This captures the wistfulness and melancholy of the passage from childhood into youth so well. And there is a powerful sense of that passage having been recent and thus the more poignant. I really enjoyed this.

dogimo said...

I'm not sure what I miss most about Christmas as a kid. But I do have the sudden urge to clock my brother in the head with a big plastic Millennium Falcon!

Gerry Boyd said...

I love these long flowing lines my dear poet.

Claudia said...

not having to work during the holidays!!!

Shannon Teresa said...

I really agree with this one. It's sad b/c me and my sis were at my parents house - she's 2 yrs older - and she said "let's check to see how many gifts we have" it shocked me b/c I genuinely didn't care. Or I don't genuinely care that Christmas is next week... it hurts to be so non-chalant but I blame all the pressure to buy the most AMAZING gift, it sincerely makes me dread the season

Mary said...

Because I'm in gift card sales, December is the crappiest, busiest most stessful time of my year. That totally was not the case as a child. As a child you get a whole whack of free stuff, lots of time off school and your only worry is is it going to snow enough so I can go toboganning??? These past few years I just can't wait for December 24th so the gift card craziness stops and I can have enough time to surf the net again haha. Although this week isn't so terrible :)

alexis said...

decorating the tree & house, not having to buy presents for everyone & multiple presents from my parents. the thing i miss most of all is getting together at my house with my family & lola. she'll play christmas songs on the piano while we sing & pig out.