Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sketchbook philosophy

This poem has been taken down for submission to a publication. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Fun with photocopiers and office supplies

        Amateurs get a bad rap, but a lot of great works and important discoveries have come from people who lovingly pursued a field in their spare time. What do you think are the merits and potential harms of amateurism compared to professionalism?


Alexis said...

considering i like to make films, (short, silly & otherwise) that is what i can base my experience on.

with amateurism you can go about something with enthusiasm & a carefree attitude. but like you said people might not take you seriously upon first glance. if what you have produced is well made, you can surprise the nay-sayers.
for professionalism, you know the ins & outs of what you're doing. the process becomes a little easier than when you started. i'd consider repetition and bordem to be the downside.

Dorkmaster Flek said...

Alexis makes good points. There's nothing at all wrong with amateur work. Everybody has to start somewhere. The interesting thing is that we used to have everybody be amateurs at art. Now we've moved into the age of giant art producers like music labels and movie studios. Normal people look at that and go "How can I possibly compete with that, if I wanted to make art?" We need to get people creating art again.

dogimo said...

I'm going to skip the excellent question at the end, because: Thank You.

What a great poem. Crisp and fun, yet instructive. Not whimsical, though. Fun, but for serious - functionally didactic, in the best old sense of the word: intended to actually teach.

I feel sure this poem would evoke the pleasure of the task even for those who have never known it, but as for me...3B.

I'm on it.

Mary said...

Yeah I ditto Alexis and Andrew. I just want to comment on the funky sketch and cool poem! I remember I went through a sketching phase... I did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (before they were an item, crazy enough). I completely mangled Angelina but my Brad came out pretty good! Still I fully understand what you mean about noses and jaw lines... I just can't get it right. They are very unforgiving.

Samantha said...

There is nothing wrong with amateur work. In fact some of my favourite pieces of art have been considered "amateur" if anything.

My only concern is when an amateur presents a level of cockiness that is completely unnecessary. Not a fan of that!

BPOTW said...

Any artform is cool if you enjoy doing it. Great post.

Katie said...

I feel like a lot of freedom comes with being an amature. No one expects your work to be good in the first place, so you can do whatever you want. It's when you start becoming know that you get boxed in.

Shannon Teresa said...

I'm proud to watch this blog grow and evolve. It's more exciting with each visit