Friday, November 13, 2009

Just looking

Killing time before work. Can I
help you? No thanks, I'm just looking.
It doesn't cost anything just to
try things on. Gum costs a dollar
and that's basically nothing,
that doesn't even count, right?
Rationalization is the bedfellow
of consumerism. Martha Stewart knows
the secret to happiness: how to fold
the perfect fitted sheet. I must buy
her magazine -- it has good things.
Chips are on sale. Chocolate.
Butter has never been healthier.
Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume
is probably good; ugly women need
to smell pretty. I want shoes. Why
do pink disposable razors cost twice
as much as blue ones? I have a beard too
-- it’s on my legs. Save on cream cheese.
Earn double the customer reward points
if you buy two. Why yes I would like
a free sample of Mini-Wheats.
Where are the tampons? Where is
the exit? Where is my wallet?
A pack of gum, just one dollar.

Window shopping at Simpsons Department Store in Toronto, 1937
Photo by Alexandra Studio

        Buy Nothing Day is coming up -- November 27th in North America, November 28th in Europe and overseas. Do you think practicing anti-consumerism for just one day can make any kind of impact on society or individuals? Why or why not?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I'm going to be cynical and say not in the long run. :) It's too convenient for people to give up.

Katie said...

I might have to go with Andrew. But it doesn't mean people shouldn't do it. I think it's a healthy excercise for people to see how addicted they are to purchasing. Maybe that's the point?

I really liked this poem. I'm always telling myself that I don't need anything when I go into shoppers, yet I always seem to spend $30 or more.

Mary said...

Yeaahhh, I don't know. For me I make a lot of dumb purchases. I've been a lot better lately, like returning things when I've had a day to rethink the purchase... It just seems like with all the deals you think you NEED something but you really don't. Like Buy One Get One deals... What people really need to do is before they check out look at the crap in your hands and think REALLY logically about it. Do you NEED this? WILL you wear this?? Is it worth the price? Shopaholism is sadly a pitfall for a lot of people... Sure it keeps the economy rolling, but it also puts people into debt.

Mary said...

Oh yeah forgot to mention, the Sarah Jessica Parker line is awesome!