Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disgrace under pressure

Fix the mistake. Reprint. Still mistakes. Reprint. Shuffle papers. Hands shaking. Clients waiting.

Take out staples. Replace pages. Re-staple. Take out staples. Impale finger. Replace pages. Worry about gangrene. Re-staple. Take out staples.

More mistakes. Clients waiting. Don't scream. Back to printer.

Multitask: print and photocopy. Press copy. Run to printer. Copies ready. Shit, legal size. Copy again. SHIT, legal size! Stop copying! STOP! SELECT LETTER SIZE. Copy again. Printing ready.

Signing documents. Don't cry. How do I spell my last name? Drop the pen. Hands shaking. The client doesn't like me.

Silence. Small talk. Oh God, sentences.

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        I have no problem speaking in front of a large audience or taking an important test, but apparently I'm totally incompetant at doing general office administration work under pressure. What tasks tend to make you break down under stress? which ones can you take in stride?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I like the rambling form of this poem. It's highly amusing. :) I seem to be able to handle everything I do at work, but I get really stressed out if too many things come up at once. I've gotten better at handling it though.

Majimo said...

I like the way this has been written, its like a blow by blow account.

Probably anyone in this situation will be a wreck! For me doing something that is unfamiliar to me in front of many people will turn me sweaty and nervous.

Mary said...

Hahaha oh my god, that was totally me at Dr. B's! I hated having a room full of patients, I got so stressed I couldn't even do work because I was just waiting for him to finish and get out of the room so I could shove another right back in. Ugh. Yeah I think I'm stressed when people are waiting and mad at me about stuff that I can't change... Even here at work, during the Holidays people expect the world from us (the gift card team) and if I promise them cards by this time, and the courier is late they yell at ME for some reason. I just can't take it.

Claudia said...

I like this too.

I am not going to lie, I don't really get stressed out when things come up... they just come, and it's going to happen, and you can either freak out or just deal with it.

I think my job has taught me a new sense of calm. But if I were to really get stressed and get going it would be because somebody was crashing and it was one of my patients. Even then though, it's hard to make me lose my cool.

I think the most stressful are tests that are practical, like my IV certification test, phlebotomy, etc.