Wednesday, November 25, 2009

At my fantasy flea market

  • claw-foot bathtub

  • vintage fabric scrap bargain bin

  • Roy Lichtenstein paintings

  • white lace parasol

  • 1920s cloche hat

  • vintage glass Christmas ornaments - 2/$1

  • rack of 1950s housewife dresses

  • various articles autographed by Joni Mitchell or Leonard Cohen

  • Louis XV style armchair

  • 1960s Groma Kolibri typewriter

  • Mary Poppins's bottomless bag

  • DecisionMaker 5000

  • battery-operated time-stopping device

  • hair-digitalizer

  • personal portable lighting crew

  • Star Trek food replicator

  • careers - buy one get one free!

  • wind-up internal motivation

I'm off to Pennsylvania for the next two days, but I've scheduled poems to be automatically posted at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday and Friday. I haven't been able to see them and make sure they show up properly formatted, of course, so forgive me if something messes up.

Photo by Incase Designs

        What's for sale at your fantasy flea market?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I only need one thing from the flea market: money tree seeds. Guaranteed not to cause inflation from growing your own cash! :)

dogimo said...

1920s cloche hat
1920s cloche hat!
1920s CLOCHE HAT!!

Entirely unacceptable, for a dude to sport one of those around. But if I could find one that suited me, I'd be sore tempted.

Love those things.

Hell, though: I think I love them more in my field of view than on top of my head, probably!