Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ashley, who is Special, keeps a diary in my ear

Stupid Mom. Stupid Dad.

I’ll just tell Jeff-Jeff, I’ll just tell Jeff-Jeff I can’t take the shirt. Got enough shirts.

Remember at school when we talked about not talking to the streetcar drivers? They said don’t take stuff from them. Sorry, Jeff-Jeff. Kristen might be mad. Kristen might set up a meeting with me and Mom and Dad. I’m in trouble now.

Now my parents are mad. Jeff-Jeff, you got me in trouble. I’m in trouble now.

Maybe I shouldn’t have blabbed, just keep quiet.

Don’t blab, Ashley. Keep it quiet. Don’t blab.

I’m in trouble now.

This poem is related to an earlier piece I wrote, called Ashley, who is Special, practices aloud on the streetcar.

Photo by GTD Aquitaine

        I'm a notorious eavesdropper when I'm taking public transit. Have you overheard anything interesting lately?

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Shannon Teresa said...

Yes I heard this guy talking about how "gay's don't know how to make love" and how his life "could be a blockbuster movie"

The best part is when I glanced back he was an Italian guy wearing a SUPER tight white shirt and he had his hair slicked back with so much gel, it looked like a race track.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud