Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday hangover

Katie fills my house with takeout burger smell
greasy ground beef pickles cold fries Styrofoam
three girls sit with heads hanging low
like ripe, heavy fruit on lazy vines

no clever conversation can be born
of brains still learning to brood
on fewer cells than yesterday, so we sketch
on the back of a grocery list: primitive cartoons
of people we know with notoriously bad hair
and laugh til we cry vodka tears

        Is it possible to have meaningful or memorable moments with friends that don't include any form of constructive communication?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Depends on what you mean by "meaningful", but you definitely communicated. You communicated a shared experience based on your own past experiences individually. I think you tend to remember the little moments like that, and those are the ones that are truly meaningful.

Mary said...

Hahahaha I'm so happy you posted those silly cartoons. And yeah I mean you can have just as fun of a time talking about farts and jizz in your eye than you can with a deep intellectual conversation.... In my opinion anyway.... Maybe that's because I've always leaned more towards the fart jokes side, haha.

Katie said...

I love this poem. Made me happy. That was a good day. Some of our best moments are hung over silly moments. The deep conversations are good, but at the end of my life I'm sure I'll be looking back at times we slapped Chris and he broke the table. Or sharing a day in bed with wendy's and gatorade.