Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pretty things

Queen Street is a good choice
if you want to see pretty things

a stranger in a long woolen scarf
steps off the curb as the light changes
effortless high heel tightrope walk
hair like clear pouring water
peacock lashes and honey eyes
          I stare at beautiful women
          even more than beautiful men

nameless face, I want to watch you
you wrest me back from time imagined
and make the present
               this one single moment
fleeting and exquisite

I wonder vainly if people ever look at me
that way

Photo by BS Thurner Hof

        What are we so captivated by pretty things?

1 comment:

Dorkmaster Flek said...

The same reason we like art. We're captivated by visually stimulating shapes and colours and whatnot. We're like that when we're babies too, hence the whole Teletubby phenomenon. :P We just get a little more refined when we're older.