Friday, October 23, 2009

Pictures in a stucco wall

A child's rain hat, sailing along the gutter river.
Carbonated explosion from a jostled pop can.
Scarf tail blown upward in a sudden winter wind.
Breasts, much bigger than mine.
An empty wine glass, tipping from a table's edge.
Tea kettle, waiting. Patiently. Stubbornly.
A sleeping bat, blanketed snug in his own wings.
Sharp cardboard wings on an angry butterfly.
Housecat making a familiar leap, eyes closed in knowing.

Walt Whitman's Cardboard Butterfly

        Ever look for "pictures" in stucco walls, wooden tables, tree bark, clouds?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

It's so funny living with an artistically minded person. You see things I would never think of in the most unlikely places. :)

Mary said...

Yes! Remember we used to do that on my basement ceiling all the time when we were wee little ones. I can still see the Grim Reaper and his three followers... kinda freaks me out but it's really quite awesome.

Jerry said...

Wow! These are the things you've seen in stucco? Pretty neat! I'm not very observant of these sorts of images, to be totally honest. Not a good trait for an aspiring poet.

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