Friday, October 30, 2009


Each spring and fall, I would stand soundly complaining in my underwear in the drafty spare bedroom, while my mother pulled neatly folded clothing from overstuffed green garbage bags and made me model each item.

My parents are both the youngest children of big families; that guaranties hand-me-downs aplenty, even for their children.

Mom had always wanted little girls, sweet feminine things with long hair to braid. She rummaged through the bags, pushing dresses, skirts, bows, lace and pink. Naturally, I abhorred all these things.

The clothes from our family friend, Amanda, were brand label trendy things with white lace hems and floral print patterns. I preferred clothes from my cousin Mary, who subscribed to my six-year-old fashion philosophy that wearing mostly matching sweatshirt and pant sets featuring cartoon characters was cool. Mary was my childhood idol anyway, so I wore her clothes like a lock of hair at my neck.

Mom would try to trick me by mixing up the bags, but I could recognize my cousin by smell. Such is pure, childish devotion.

        What kind of clothing did you like/have to wear as a kid?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I'd love to deny the matching red sweatpants and shirt, but unfortunately there's photographic evidence to that. :)

Mary said...

Hahahaha I had no idea your mom used to mix up the bags to trick you! That's too funny. I'm really glad you enjoyed my outfits better ;) I mean come on, cartoon sweat-sets rocked... and I was always surprised you ever fit into them seeing as though I was always twice your size.

Anyway I hope I was an alright childhood idol/role model. And I'm really really sorry I lost your sling shot, but I very much appreciate you giving it to me over Brian haha. See you tonight!

SarahJane said...

I must admit to wearing whatever my mother chose, until I was about 12, when my sister took over. smile.