Thursday, October 15, 2009

Changing climate

Do you remember the summer when we drew
sidewalk chalk murals at City Hall
        (a burning globe, a polar bear)
and got chased away by security guards?

That was the year I cut all my hair off
and went to demonstrations every Tuesday morning,
bristol board protests signs reflected
in the windows of OPG. My fingers were always black
from scrawling thick sharpie graffiti messages
        Keep Bangladesh above sea level
        -- stop climate change NOW!

in downtown bathroom stalls. When I marched
right up to the black government vans, stared into
drivers' eyes through sunglasses and tinted windows
and scolded them for idling while the crowd
cheered me on from behind, I had never felt so brave.
Later, when I read all the facts, statistics, news articles,
                   started breathing it in instead of out
I had never felt so alone.

The demonstrations carry on without me;
I push the pedals of my bicycle,
seal my fears up in envelopes
and mail them to politicians
and hope.

This post is in honour of Blog Action Day 2009.

                             Toronto City Hall, July 2007

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Dorkmaster Flek said...

Ah, those were fun times. Then we grew up and had no free time anymore. :P