Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caring for houseplants

Eating leftover spaghetti
at our cluttered kitchen table
I put my hand on your knee
feeling the stitch where I sewed up
the tiny rip in your pajama pants
and ask, "Has anyone really close to you
ever died?"

"Me neither," I say.

We are potted plants
cultivated far from the storm;
our roots grow deep,
our stems frail.

        Do you feel you've lived a sheltered life? In what way?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I think I was definitely sheltered from the harsh realities of the world in a lot of ways. It's interesting to think about how I would cope with something really harsh, which is probably losing you. So you're not allowed to die before I do. :P

Shannon Teresa said...

I do sometimes. I always say this, "nothing bad has ever happend to me". Never been robbed, beaten up, or witnessed something horrible happen to anyone I love. Maybe not sheltered but moreso well guarded (and not by overly protective parents) but by my strong desire not to live a depressing life

Mary said...

Yeah I think our family has been pretty dang lucky with nothing terrible really ever happening to us... Sometimes you look at what people around you have endured (abuse, poverty, disease) and think damn how on earth are we so lucky? And yes in other ways I was sheltered because I was the very youngest in my family. Instead of having a mom, dad, sister and brother I pretty much had two dads and two moms who wouldn't allow anything terrible to happen to me, and wouldn't let me get away with things. In that regard I was a very good child... but I was also pampered and didn't have to do things on my own til I was older. That sorta blew, but whatever I'm an independent now at least (relatively).

Jerry said...

As always, your poems provoke thought in one direction or another, whether intended or not.

I have a tragedy to share, but I'll post it on my blog instead.