Monday, September 28, 2009

The water bearer

Astrology is bullshit,
unless Fate intervenes
and I happen to catch
just your sign and mine
read between strangers
on the streetcar.

Sometimes Fate blows me a kiss
and sends me a rainy Monday
like a tin of homemade cookies.
The streets are dark and quiet;
my mind breathes easy.

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Dorkmaster Flek said...

Yay new layout! I can't see the background image at work because the site you're hosting it on is blocked, but I saw it at home so it's all good. :) Your poem is less obvious today...

Adelaide said...

I was just wanting to express how sometimes it feels like Fate/God/The Universe seems to interact with us, by sending us weird signs for us to interpret. After you get one, it's like you feel you have the attention of Fate/God/The Universe and you feel like totally unrelated things (like the weather) were a gift today, just for you.

Mary said...

Heeeyyy the new layout looks quite funky!! I thought I was on the wrong site for a sec, haha.

Anyway, yeah in a less meaningful way I feel like the universe is crazy and sends signs... not even signs though really. It just seems like you'll be thinking of a song, then 5 minutes later you hear it randomly somewhere, or you're thinking "they that movie would be fun to see again" then it's on tv at 9 that night.

Just last night, I was watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. And for some reason I started thinking about this actress from a show that really irritated me... sure enough, not 1 minute later, she was on screen making a guest appearance on CYE. It was NUTS!

I know those signs aren't meaningful, but it's just weird how it seems you can predict things unknowingly sometimes.

Claudia said...

I am enjoying the new layout!!!

I was also momentarily confused.

Oh I didn't see the new poem. One second

Claudia said...

I liked it

I thoroughly enjoy the feeling that certain things are a gift just for me.

Even if they aren't, it's still nice to appreciate certain little gifts, that normally you wouldn't care about at all.

alexis said...

LOVE the new layout! reminds me, would you mind being my website designer? we shall add that to the list of our future artistic collaborations. see you wednesday!

p.s. 'creative doodles' made me giggle

Erin said...

I liked this.

Katie said...

Hey sister
The new layout is totally awesome. I spent as much time checking out the funky doodles as I did catching up on the poetry I've missed.
Def like the poem, I totally think that the Universe sends me little gifts some times. Like when I catch someone picking their nose in their car, it totally cheers me up. Plus the nose picker doesn't know I'm laughing at his expense so there's no harm no foul. Thanks universe for the giggle!!