Thursday, September 24, 2009

see you next summer

the sparrows on the lawn
are catching up on a summer that never was
setting their flags on front steps
perching in the holes of a chain link fence
like a nest made of cupped hands
retreating to low treetops
when strangers pass close by
and then reclaiming

my cat watches from the window
and shares their immersion
in one last kiss goodbye


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I thought the cat wanted to eat them. :)

Mary said...

Ughh I know. Last Thursday, early in the morning, I was walking to the bus stop. It was crisp and chilly, and all of the lawns were browning. I knew summer is out the door. This past week was a nice one though, with the exception of today! Friggin freeezing.

By the way Shayla and Andrew (and Katie). I have finished Dollhouse.. I can't believe all of the twists and turns! I'm taping tonight's season 2 premier, woot!