Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poems from Rome

First night in Rome

This poem has been taken down for submission to a publication. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Nonbelivers in Vatican City

I gain a new perspective on the Vatican
after walking three hundred and twenty steps
encased in sweaty strangers
along narrow staircases with slanted vertigo walls
to reach the cupola of St. Peter's Basilica
and look down on the Square.

I gain a new perspective on the Vatican
through the tales of Michelangelo,
who painted an optical illusion
in the Sistine Chapel; no matter where I stand
the Christian God will always moon me.

Overactive imagination

I rouse Andrew
after two hours lying awake
to inquire about the consensus on
vampires and hotel rooms.

“I think they can come in,” he says,
but the subject of his worship, Joss Whedon,
is not the definitive source in my mind.

I tuck away my Stephen King book
and perch my drawing of an ornate crucifix
on the ledge above my bed, reflecting
on the absurdity of fearing vampires
in Rome, of all cities.

The pigeons in Rome

The pigeons in Rome are so bold
they make their cousins back in Toronto
seem positively skittish.

At a sidewalk cafe by la Fontana di Trevi
I tap my toe while waiting for Andrew
to return from la toilette, not out of impatience,
but to ward off the cement grey birds
who leisurely stroll the narrow aisle between tables,
who trot unseen under chairs, pecking
crumbs between patrons' feet.

The stomp of my sandal
deters a bird from my chair, but he bobs
his head along elsewhere, unphased,
as his family has done in this city
since before water streamed
beneath Neptune's marble horses.

Cab ride to Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci

This poem has been taken down for submission to a publication. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Sharon said...

That first photo is priceless.

Claudia said...


I love them all

Samantha said...

You two are absolutely hilarious. I love you guys.

Can't wait to see more pictures. :P

Andrea said...

LOVE the update! :)

alexis said...

i'm glad you decided to put more than one picture up. they all seem to fit. my personal fave is you picking andrew's nose; classic.

p.s. i got the postcard in the mail a couple days ago. THANKS!

Andrew said...

Futrell’s sourcebook works well as a general overview since it’s well organized and touches on the various subjects with immediate references to ancient sources. The euergetism book is a bit more esoteric and haughty, being more of a collection of essays on various minutiae. I’d imagine it’d be pretty dense stuff for the average person to just dive into. The sourcebook is in Robarts, and I could only get the euergetism book through an online edition on the UofT library website thing.

I never went to UTM. I got all my information for that article through emails. There’s no way I’m travelling over 50KM just for some insignificant newspaper bit.

Sounds like you had a stonking great time in Rome.

Shannon Teresa said...

the top pic of you is stunning. I totally have to shoot you now. aww this is adorable congrats but damn woman where are the wedding photos (I know I'm greedy)