Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It’s only in the last few years I’ve begun to regret
little things: never making an effort in French class
or math class and now even if I learn I’ll never speak
without an accent or comprehend quantum physics.

My mother asks me a thousand tiny wedding questions:
who’s going to videotape the ceremony and am I going
to keep the benediction in and who is it important to have
photographed and how am I going to do my hair and makeup?

I make an effort, not because it matters to me now
but because she says it will matter someday.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

You could learn how to do math if you wanted. It's not like learning a language where it's much more difficult once you're older. :)

Mary said...

What exactly is the benediction anyway?

And we'll sort out the tiny stuff on Saturday. I'm sure my sister would tape the ceremony if you wanted... or Johnny or Dave using my sister's camera.

I still have no idea about hair and makeup. I'm going to call my hairdresser today to see if she even works Fridays. I think I'll do it curly like from my bro's wedding.

Aaanyway see you Saturday!

Shannon Teresa said...

it really will. I don't know about the video taping part but photos for sure. Everytime I picture people watching their wedding videos I only envision them crying. Did you grow your hair out? How are you gonna do it? Can't wait to see pictures!! congrats to you and Dorkmaster Flek!