Friday, August 28, 2009

Copyright consultation, Toronto

"Hello, my name is Shayla and I am not a lawyer
or an employee of Sony or Universal or Warner Music,
which apparently makes me a minority in this room
where we listen to the star-maker machinery rust and creak
and call it a town hall meeting.

We lowly individuals of the Canadian public
don’t have the cash to stack the rows with extra mouths,
but we have a song you don’t want to produce
and it goes We don’t want you, middlemen,
you who only claim what others create, you parasites,
you scavengers who peck at the carcass of culture,
you fat squirrels who gobble the seeds we would have
go to singing birds.
Would you produce our song
for ninety-eight cents of every dollar someone pays
to hear it, sing it?

Mister Minister, this room is filled with angry old people
spouting old ideas and old solutions. We all care
about the future of music, writing, art, but laws
that criminalize millions and are unenforceable
are surely bad--”

The lawyers drag me back from the mic
while the Warner Music president grins and sues me
for plagiarizing Joni Mitchell.

To anyone who takes an interest in the upcoming copyright law reform: please make your opinion known in an online submission to the Canadian government.


Shannon Teresa said...

journalistic poetry... I am intrigued!

Dorkmaster Flek said...

Awesome! They should have called it the music industry town hall meeting of Toronto. :P

Mary said...

I like it!