Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Performance anxiety at the Revival

Don’t you judge me! I’m not on stage,
the band is on stage, so watch them
and let me do as I will. It’s fine
that your idea of fun is screaming lyrics,
shaking your ass, fingers on the stage edge,
the world’s best fans all waving their hands,
but I don’t want to be a groupie
or an audience participant. I don’t want
the attention. I don’t want
to clap my hands in time to the beat
or sing call and answer; it all just feels forced.
I don’t want to fake this orgasm.

This is directed at no one in particular. Seriously.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Oh? So who is it directed to? :)

Mary said...

haha I know what you mean. some people are reaaaallly into the live music experience. when i go to concerts, depending on the crowd and the band, i will without hesitation belt out lyrics and make an ass of myself. sometimes i'm a little more chill though, and prefer to just bop my head to the beats. that crazy girl in front of us was kind of annoying though... kept backing herself up.. all up in my bidnezz.

Claudia said...

hehehe I'm with Mary on this one all the way, and the crazy girl bugged the shit outta me too!


mary said...

damn right claud!

okay so shayla, we need to discuss something. alexis and i both got calls from John Cannis yesterday about our letters... that you wrote... my problem is i have no idea which letter he's referring to or what to say about it hahaha. he wants us to call him back to talk about our "concerns". HELP!

Shannon Teresa said...

love it.

Would you be interested in doing a small women's writing workshop. It wouldn't be so much of a workshop as it would be about 5 or 5 girls all sending 30 pages or less of their new material to one another then us sitting around and talking about each other's pieces. If you know any girl writers as well bring em, we'll meet, snack, talk and learn. Just an idea!

Shannon Teresa said...

Hey I e-mailed you at about the writing workshop but no response! Are you still interested - would love if you were