Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Letter from the past

The mailbox is always full
as the wedding breaks on the horizon
and the response cards rain steadily in
like a spring flood.

I open the mail in order
from least to most surprising
and when I get to the tiny blue envelope
at the very back, the suspense
makes my fingers clumsy.

Friend, for once your visit is more recent
than your letter, which must have been lodged
for weeks in the gears of the mail machine.

A letter from the past makes me wonder
what the universe is hinting
about frame and time.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Aw, was that from Sam? :)

Melissa said...

kudos, it's lovely

Alexander James said...

Letters are often the most poignant reminders of our past, more so than emails or even pictures. That's why I ritualistically burn old mail every few years. I like to keep things fresh. ;)

Cristina Marrero said...
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Cristina Marrero said...

I love this one. Letters are fun. Especially when they are a surprise. =0)