Friday, July 10, 2009

Killing time in Berczy Park

Mary and I play a strange game:
if that red building beside the TD Tower
were to fall over right now
could it hit us?

Let's see, if the building has fifty stories
and each stories is approximately ten feet
(because ten feet makes easy math)
that would be five hundred feet
– which is half a kilometre!

No, wait, now we're in the metric system.
How many feet in a metre?

The game takes a long time
and the elfish white-haired man
on the bench beside us
stares off into the distance
and pretends – or tries – not to listen.

Okay, remember the one-hundred metre races
in track and field, in elementary school,
where I wore my knee-high pink socks?
How many one-hundred metre races
would make up that building?

Mary says one,
I say the whole damn track,
and the white-haired man says nothing,
perhaps knowing the fallen building
wouldn't cover much
past Yonge Street.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

You guys are morbidly hilarious and I love you. :)

shannon teresa said...

delicious. do u actually work with your elementary school friend?

Adelaide said...

Actually, Mary is my cousin and we went to different schools, but sometimes we'd see each other when our schools went to athletic meets.

alexis said...

that's when i first met you. i'll never forget your pink socks & the mustard on your lip from your hot dog.

Mary said...

hahaha we were so dumb that day with our math. but it was definitely an interesting game! And yeah at that track meet I'll never forget someone saying "Hey Mary some girl in pink socks was looking for you"... I'm like "must be Shayla!" haha. Oh such awkward looking children we were.