Thursday, June 11, 2009

online gift registry

there’s something graceless
about browsing nest grass online      clicking
through thirty pages of shower curtains
sixteen pages of floor lamps
bouncing proxy balls over company firewalls

at the harking of ceremonial strides
flicking browser windows on and off
across my screen like fickle desires.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

My mom was just calling me about that last night before you got home. She wanted to know if it was only the Target one for the US. Yay free stuff! :)

Andrea said...

Where ARE you registered, missy? ;):)

Alexander James said...

If nothing else, wedding registries make me realize just how shit-scared I actually am of the concept of marriage. Dug the bit about firewalls and proxies particularly. And you're a bigger man than I for taking this step, let me tell you what. Congratulations as ever, both for the piece and for your happiness.

Claudia said...

oh God, registries...

I agree with Alexander, the concept of marriage scares the shit out of me, but we've had many a discussion about this already.

I love you lots, I'll try to make it out for a bit tonight but I won't stay long (so I minimize the risk of infecting anyone).