Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One part lady, two parts chick

Strangers on the subway watch with confusion
the juxtaposition of items I pull onto my lap
from my canvas tote:

a gold umbrella

a Catwoman notebook

one hamburger bun, still in the bag

a box of print-your-own wedding invitations

Stephen King’s Cujo, paperback


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Hahaha, you're such a silly girl. :)

Andrea said...


mary said...

haha my favourite is the burger bun... so random. yeah when are you printing your invites? did you see amanda & mike's???? they looked damn expensive. i'm really proud of you for keeping things cheap but classy... i could never fathom spending so much on crap for one day of my life.
p.s. i'm super excited for tomorrow!!!!

Sarah said...

Yeah... the burger bun throws me off too...!

Sarah said...

But I love it! And I agree with Mary... your wedding plans are fantastic! xo

Alexander James said...

If you can fit all of that into a tote bag, *and* have an umbrella on your person, then it's settled. From now on you're Shayla Poppins. Fact.

alexis said...

i'm with mary & sarah; LOVE the hamburger bun. you don't even need to explain it. amanda & mike's invitations did look expensive and UGGGHHHLLEEEE. for real real. i want to see them tomorrow. i am also excited

Jon said...

Plain burger buns, yum!

Shannon Teresa said...

a catwoman notebook? ur the coolest ever shay