Thursday, June 18, 2009


there are shades of other people in this office
like faded smells on faded jeans the dog sniffs
names on file folders in the company server
layers of handwriting in notebooks

after I leave
some new girl will know me
by paper butterflies pressed
between minutebook sheets
scraps of poetry hidden deep
in the system files

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Dorkmaster Flek said...

That's funny. I wonder what I left behind at my previous jobs...

Kate said...

I like that idea, leaving something for someone to unexpectedly find later. I wish people did this more often. I could only imagine how exciting that would be. A note in a library book that tells the date of "x's" lost virginity; the time "y" stole money from his parents; "z's" secret affair with a married man. Reminds me of that post a secret website.

Shannon Teresa said...

I was listening to this song today "Back in the Day" by Ahmad and he's talking about how he wishes he was a kid again - I wondered how old he is now and I bet he now wishes he was the age he sung that song again. Time is so funny - the truest love/ hate relationship

Katie said...

I really like what you posted underneath. I didn't know you were writing anything for websites?

I totally agree. For me, sex is very important in a relationship. I don't think I could fully love someone in a romantic relationship until I've slept with them.