Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Standing in line at a department store
holding light bulbs, window blinds, a Brita filter,
I think,
        The only constructive thing
        I’m doing with my life these days
        is buying a house and getting married

and it’s one small stab to Shayla,
one kick in the balls to feminism in general.

I walk home in the rain, thinking
how everybody wants to be a main character,
how we’re all just waiting for something to happen,
for the story to start,
and I am no exception.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Well you know, you're only really missing one major part of your adult life, and you're working on that. You're doing a helluva lot better than most people your age. :)

Mary said...

yeah... life will sort itself out. we're all the main characters of our own lives. but our shows might not be so interesting to watch yet... it's gettin there!

Shannon Teresa said...

Shayla you broke my heart and spoke my mind. I'm saving this one