Thursday, May 21, 2009


Foraging leftover sesame seeds
off my empty plate, one
among the girls talking shop and gossip
around the office kitchen table,
my take on romantic love
sticks out like unwieldy bangs or the slip
of a dress dancing below the hemline.

I believe in best friends, not soul mates,
and that love is acknowledging and accepting
facts, flaws, fetishes, death of infatuation,
and not the struggle to frame beloveds
as dark-and-handsome archetypes.

I believe in birthday reminders, personal space,
the diplomatic necessity of occasional white lies, being
straightforward and GGG, voiding external expectations,
and that pious fools who buy cows first
deserve their sour milk.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Sometimes I forget to stop and think about how awesome we mesh. :)

Andrea said...

Stupid question, but...what's GGG?

Adelaide said...

GGG is Good, Giving & Game (click to read more). :)

Claudia said...

Yay! I've given up on it too.

Shannon Teresa said...

I don't believe in birthday reminders. If I forget then I guess we're not that close. I don't post my birthday on facebook for this very reason

Desire said...

so are you calling us fools? haha. yes you're right. I think I wanna give nice guys a try.

Alexander James said...

Is there some kind of community of like-minded individuals I could join who use this as a sort of mantra or mission statement? There are too few people who think this way.