Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pop quiz at the breakfast table

Your marriage sucks because:
       a) you married the wrong person.
       b) he’s never going to change.
       c) either way, you’re going to end up alone.
       d) All of the above.

That bridesmaid dress:
       a) has nipples sewn into it.
       b) looks like thrown-up tequila sunrise.
       c) is it made of pleather?
       d) is just plain awful, no matter what my mother says.

The secret to a successful marriage is:
       a) finding someone who'll take you as you are.
       b) good communication.
       c) good sex.
       d) sleeping pills.

My marriage will be different because:
       a) it’s true wuv.
       b) I’m not marrying my father.
       c) it just has to be.
       d) All of the above.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

The answer to question 3 is a, b & c.

The answer to question 4 is e) because we have question 3 figured out. :)

Mary said...

hahaha yeah some of those dresses were terrible. but i really think we will find the right one soon! we made good progress on wednesday.