Saturday, April 11, 2009

Killing time - Orillia, ON

The thought of making pleasant conversation with
my future in-laws at Easter dinner in two hours
is a headache floating outside my skull. I watch it
through two Tylenols like single-pane glass.

Pull up a humanesque smile for the teenage gingerboy
who takes my order, but my voice reveals
me as sleep-deprived and antisocial. He hands me
my peppermint tea and I sit
shivering and watery-eyed
like an ugly small dog, sniffing
up steam and finding it both refreshing
and nauseating.

If I ever finish this tea, I plan
to put aside my usual paranoia about hearing
loss and buy a pair of dollar store ear buds so my watch
can finally turn back into an iPod. I plan
to trod across my high-frequency range like
heavy black boots over virgin meadow grass.

I plan to spoil myself like a kid
at Grandma's house, give in to each desire
as it surfaces to try to make the day
soft and edible for a sore stomach.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Hahahaha, I love the stanza about the iPod. Brilliant! :)

Mary said...

Just letting you know, I have awesome earbuds that have little suction cup-like thingies and they block out a ton of exterior noise. This allows you to listen at much lower volumes, which greatly reduces the risk of any hearing loss.

P.S. Not to rub it in or anything but I'm soooo thankful I wasn't you on Saturday morning. I hope you got through it okay... I'm proud you stayed up so late to party though :) Good times.