Thursday, April 9, 2009

Grade 9 boyfriend

I have trouble relating to single girls
      (though I live to
      nibble vicariously
      on their spicy stories)
having not been on a first date
since Grade 9. I find myself wondering
how much dating has changed
since I was fifteen.

Probably the guy who likes you doesn’t
tell all your closest friends and let you
giggle and gossip about it
for two weeks before he makes his big move.

      High school cafeteria. Lunch.
      Frizzy-haired girl sits at a table with friends.
      Freckled boy approaches and sits.
      Friends scatter, knowingly,
      and return in approximately five minutes
      with cheers of congratulations.

Probably that’s not how it’s done
anymore, but then again
how should I know?

My Grade 9 boyfriend
was a decent guy, even if
I hated him for a little while
because I skipped the reading on
how high school guys sometimes stop
calling you, and that means you’re broken

I was angry at him for
being a typical 14-year-old boy
and angrier at myself for
being a naïve 14-year-old girl.

Please forgive me
when I don’t have any advice for you,
when I don’t remember what a break-up feels like,
when I don’t know how to play the game.

I haven’t done this since high school, and
probably that’s not how it’s done anymore.


Alexander James said...

This made me smile down to my very core, mostly because it reminds me how very, very atypical my "dating" situations were in high school. But I think you were bang-on in your description of how it is for most people.

From what I understand you are very fortunate to not remember being single; everything I've heard of your partner-in-crime leads me to believe he's an incredible find. :)

Sometimes I get the urge to look up old high school girlfriends, then I remember -- where you can't fathom being single, I can't fathom having the time for any kind of romantic relationship. So best to let sleeping -- well, something that's not "dogs" because that sounds disparaging -- I'm digging a hole here. Anyway, this made my morning -- thanks for posting it.

Claudia said...

There's nothing wrong with not remembering what it's like :) I love the fact that you've been living vicariously through my dramas since high school (although for the time being dramatics are not high on my part). This one made me smile :)