Monday, April 6, 2009

Adventure-life is second choice

                                               Do you ever wish
that you’d get rejected
       so you wouldn’t be afraid of failure?
that someone you love would die
       so you wouldn’t be afraid of grief?
that someone would point a gun at you
       so you wouldn’t be afraid of dying?

Adventure-life is second choice,
the only choice left when
       a) is living a long, happy life in which
           all your safest dreams come true, and
       c) is ending up alone and defeated, and
       d) is death.

I’m in danger of
having everything,
of becoming one of those
lucky, terrified people
who have everything to lose.
My life is charmed and uncomplicated.

Heredity:           smart, straight and naturally thin
Environment:  loving parents, happy childhood
Love life:            this ring is magic
                               it wards off loneliness
                               and a quarter-life crisis
Social life:          I’ll pencil you in next week
Career:                non-existent, but I can blame
                               the job market for a little while
Age:                      at twenty-three, I am priceless youth

Andrew says, “You know I don’t believe
in God or anything, but sometimes
my life
is just so lucky
you’ve gotta wonder.”

If there is a God,
I thank Him or Her for
the existential terror that gets me
out of bed in the morning.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Don't worry babe, we'll be awesome together! I wrote a poem to commemorate this wonderful day. Ahem...

My nose is rubbed raw
From blowing it all the time
This cold fucking sucks :P

Anonymous said...

I think this is the most beautiful poem I have ever read.