Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dark thoughts and blue sky

I stepped off the track at the wrong station today. I was distracted, thinking about what my life would be like if you died. I would waste my youth searching for you, squinting my eyes to try to make other men into your image, and when they realized what I was doing they would, of course, get angry and leave me, and you would die in my heart all over again.

But you are not dead, only out to dinner, and I will take the 102 Markham bus and walk the rest of the long way home in the sunshine.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Aww, don't think all depressing like that. :) I plan on being with you for a good long time. You can't worry about the random stuff that might happen.

Claudia said...

I always have thoughts along this line about various people in my life. I don't necessarily think it is depressing, either.