Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I can pick out a harmony to anything
Bad eyesight, good aim
Geographical memory, a necessity
Honed by a non-existent sense of direction
Get lost traipsing among the unknown
But always find my way back to the pigeon coop

I saw a man on Jeopardy who could talk backwards
Made me think how
Katie has a funny face for every occasion
And Dad doesn’t wear a watch
But always knows what time it is

We’re a whole world filled with precious little gifts
That can’t make us a dime
Hidden talents
Displayed on the shelves of our bookcases
Like kitschy yard sale junk.

I'm getting published! My poem 510 King will appear in "a forthcoming issue" of The Antigonish Review!


Andrea said...

CONGRATS, sweetie! :D:D

alexis said...

awesome! congratulations shayla! mary & i want to know when we can see the house

Claudia said...