Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ink power

Mom wants to take a cheese grater
To Katie’s tattoo
Private and paltry as it is

She says it’s a shame to mar the body
Dad says she’ll regret it
Katie says everyone needs something to regret

I shrug, mouth closed tight
Not a line or stud on my body
No eye shadow or lipstick, even
But I understand, share
The lust for manifesto

My body is too brief and finite
I want to scribble myself
Across the whole damn world
Catch the eye of Fame or God
Leave a breadcrumb path to my being.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I was wondering when they'd find out about it. Times like this, I just sit back and watch the fireworks. :)

Mary said...

Uhhh ohhhh they found out?! Well it was bound to happen... But yeah it's her decision. She paid for it, and it's not in a place where it would lower her chances of getting hired or anything (...depending on what kind of job it is I guess, haha).

And I can't forget... HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!

Andrea said...

WOW, what did she get and where?!