Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Subway suicide

I laughed aloud when the bureaucrats put up
Great, vain fences along the Bloor Viaduct
Now it costs $2.75 to kill yourself

We stand in unison, crowding to get off the bus
Then spy the procession of flashing lights
Ambulance, fire truck, cop cars
Bent around the corner of the station
And back down we go like a curtain call bow

All of us twenty minutes late to work
Because one soul would rather
Sit on the third rail
Kiss the front of the subway train
Than live another existential minute
He would fall over himself laughing at us
If he still had a consciousness
Let alone a mouth

I don’t mourn or begrudge suicide
Please, sacrifice yourself to the overpopulated planet
Take control of death the only way you can
I intend to join you someday
Though surely in the dénouement of my life
And by some more considerate means:
My last living act will not be
Contributing to rush hour traffic

In the meantime, I’m delighted to be late for work
When it can’t be helped or blamed
Small step toward making peace
With my mortal lack of control
Rest my head on its shoulder like a lover
And enjoy the shuttle bus change of scenery.

1 comment:

Urban Folk said...

Agreed. Suicide is already the most selfish thing you can do to the people around you...do you really need to make it worse by inconveniencing me? I mean, good lord -- if you want to kill yourself, that's terrible, but can't you have the decency to do it in the comfort of your own home so I don't have to take a damn shuttle bus, or worse -- get caught in the claustrophobic depths of a subway tunnel surrounded by smelly strangers while they hose your mortal remains off the tracks? Bunch of savages in this town, I'm telling you.