Monday, January 26, 2009

I am Bea

You never realize how close you’re not with someone
Until you don’t cry at their funeral
Don’t miss them when they’re gone

I wish I could be like my cat
Unabashedly joyful
When the blights of my life finally die
Settle into their old patch of sunlight
And put on jolly weight

I wish I could be like my grandmother
Cry real, genuine tears
Be free of the guilt that comes
From not mourning what is gone forever
Not even a woman we actually loved
Enough to put her name in a silly song

I am Bea
I drink tea
Won’t you dance around with me?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

So, ironically, you're feeling bad about not feeling bad? :)

Mary said...

Yeah I think the only funeral I never cried at was Grandma Katie's. I was in grade four and it was my first funeral ever. I don't think I was able to yet grasp the situation. Now I have a hard time concealing my tears even if I didn't even know the person well and I won't miss them. Seeing the pain of their loved ones is sad enough...

katie said...

I agree with Mary. I cry at funerals just because they're so sad.
But when Bea died, I wasn't as sad thinking about not seeing her anymore. It was more thinking about Lloyde and Gramma that made me feel bad.