Monday, December 1, 2008

Movie nerd

Laughter spilling out into the hallway
Alexis edits her film school projects
Clips of her best friends
Dressed up as cat people
Picking their noses, pig-tailed
Faces bearded with hair clippings and Vaseline
Her strange sense of humour is little beads
Strung on the storylines around her smile
These things form the three-minute movies
That line my sister’s bookshelf
And my mother’s heart.

Hunting through my closet
For the ingredients of a punk-rock celebrity
Spike up my short hair
Sport the only short plaid kilt I couldn’t part with
Because today I get to be somebody else.

Mary sings “Boom Operator”
To the tune of “Smooth Operator”
As the mic tests begin
Katie makes me beautiful with her eye shadow
And Alexis makes us all three-minute movie stars.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Awww, I don't get to see that part of the filming. I bet you're smokin' hot...uh, I gotta go now. :)

Andrew Genius said...

My only major concern is if the liberal use of cites seems like artificial padding. I have a lot to say on the work, but it's dozens of little things and not a few solid points to expand heavily upon. Also, I think my formal writing has been jaded by personal reviews and cheap articles.

I heartily recommend the Aeneid though.