Sunday, December 7, 2008

House hunting

Talking to the realtor
Andrew says, "It costs a bit to get someone
To come in and inspect the house
But it's worth every penny"
Strongly, casually
As though he learned from experience
Instead of from the lips of his father

Sometimes I catch him
Spouting off facts and opinions
Something he heard five minutes ago
Committed to memory, source forgotten
He breathes out the words
And they become his own

It used to make my eyes roll
I thought it was the ego-flogging
Gold-star boasting
In which I occasionally, self-loathingly indulge
But love is learning
To see someone through the glass
Without catching your own reflection

He's no peacock
Just frightened in strange surroundings
Subconsciously rehearsed statements
Spoken confidently in his own voice
Lend a sense of control
Make-believe familiarity
The little sip of denial
That gets us all through the day.

Sometimes love is just nodding your head
And pretending not to notice.

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