Thursday, December 11, 2008

Girls night out

Straining my ears to hear my boss’s words
Over the thump-thump-thump of my headache
Skin stretched tight and dry over my face
And long skirt held at my waist with a paperclip
Really the short dress I wore last night

Vague memories of overpriced cocktails
A fancy club on Bloor Street
Full of iron-hair push-up bra women
And suit-and-tie business types
Men so tall they seem like another species
All bopping unrhythmically around the dance floor
Like only stuffy, rich white people can
The after work crowd, all calling in sick today

I buy a round of drinks for my girls
They scream each time the song changes
Wake up to crisp white hotel linens
And empty pockets
Ten hours until I can sleep again
And ten minutes until work starts

Oh, the things we do in the name of
Friendship and spontaneity
I'll kick myself today and tomorrow
But someday I will look back
And be content with my youth.


Urban Folk said...

Sounds like the average Thursday at M:30. I've learned to pace myself so I don't have to kick myself later, but it's been a long, hard lesson.

Claudia said...

Hehe, I often feel this way. Regrets the morning after, but no regrets a month down the line.