Sunday, November 16, 2008

Up north

Quarter past midnight
Johnny sings loudly
Changes the words of popular songs
To something involving poo or boners
Grabs a handful of Mary's long brown hair
And bends her over
Thrusts against her ass
She snorts with laughter.

Three a.m.
Power out, pajama-clad
Bare feet resting on beer bottle-smothered coffee table
Alexis lights a joint from one of the candles
Old not-so-scary stories
Fresh urban legends
Six run out to light fireworks in the snow
And two watch from the window
Enjoying the last minutes of music
Before the laptop battery dies.

Snow falls all night long
And the cottage grows cold
We ward it off:
Knit slippers and ugly grey sweater
Laughter and beer-buzz
Two to a bed is always warmer.

1 comment:

Urban Folk said...

Sounds like a good night to me. You were missing the requisite guitar though. ;)