Thursday, November 6, 2008

Little girl magic

From the little window out the back subway train
The world faces behind us
Dusty and red
Train tracks glistening gold in the sunrise
I would have missed it, little girl
If you hadn’t turned in your seat, bright-eyed
Pressed your nose against the glass
Reminded me how to see magic in plain surroundings

With my eyes, I’ll make you this promise:
Never to give up my children habits
Of singing along with the printer
Having conversations with elevators when I’m the sole passenger
Or kissing my letters goodbye before mailing them.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

06/11/2008 Never forget! :)

Urban Folk said...

This is an astonishing little piece, because I literally just had that experience on the subway on my way home from work yesterday. There was this little boy with his mother, and the kid wouldn't sit down -- he kept climbing on the seat to look out at the lights going by in the tunnel, and then when some space cleared he went right up to the front of the car (I was in the very front of the train) and all you could see was the whites of his eyes, and he turned to his mom and said -- no shit -- "Mommy, is this what time travel looks like?" I was so stoked to talk to that kid, but they got off at the next stop. I can only hope one day to look at the world with that kind of wonder again, drop the Dr. Strangelove glasses and enjoy beauty or something. Your writing is extremely inspiring Shayla.