Thursday, November 27, 2008

Farewell, little life lights

I’m in the pit
And the hollow, miserable creatures below
Tear at my heels with clawed fingers
Drag me downward
They want to eat me
Suck the hope and self-worth off my bones
Til I am hollow too.

The angels try to help me
With strength and kind words
But their bodies are beaten and broken
From fighting the longer fight
They are growing hollow now
And yearn to be whole
They blow me bloody kisses
And spread their wings to fly away
Someplace calm and quiet.

I try to be happy for them
To understand
But they will take their light when they go
And the darkness of this place
Will swallow me up
And I am afraid.

1 comment:

Abbas said...

"And the hollow, miserable creatures below/Tear at my heels with clawed fingers"

Some interesting imagery here. I like.